Work Experience


University of SarajevoSarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Electrotechnical Faculty
M.Eng., Telecommunications

2009 – Present

University of SarajevoSarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Electrotechnical Faculty (Postgraduate)
dipl.E.E., Telecommunications

2000 – 2007

The Regional Academy for Democracy (RAD), Belgrade Fund for Political Excelence (BFPE)Regional – Italy, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina

„Human and Minority Rights“

The Regional Academy for Democracy (RAD) aims to contribute to regional cooperation in the Western Balkans in the fields of democracy, human rights, justice and institution building, through building the capacities of next-generation political leadership and facilitating their mutual understanding and cooperation. The project Regional Academy for Democracy is supported by the European Union, Balkan Trust for Democracy and International Visegrad Fund. The topics of the program: “Invisible Faces of Irregular Migrations in the Western Balkans”, “Social and Labour Rights in Times of Prolonged Economic Crisis”, “Rights of Minorities and Institutional Arrangements: Seeking Better Solutions”, “Governing Cyber Space: Right to Privacy in an Ever-Closer World”.

February 2014 – November 2014

The Atlantic Initiative SeminarSarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to NATO: Chances and Opportunities”

The goal of these seminars, targeting youth wings of parliamentary political parties in BiH, is to spread knowledge about NATO and inform young people of Euro-Atlantic principles and values. The topics of the program: “Geo-strategic position of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, “Historical development of NATO and the main concepts of organization functioning NATO”, “Tools and mechanisms of cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and NATO”, “Benefits and risks of membership in NATO for Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

20 january 2014

School of Political Studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Council of Europe in Bosnia and HerzegovinaRegional - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro

„Strengthening Accountability of Women and Young Political Leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

Council of Europe schools of political studies were established to train future generations of political, economic, social and cultural leaders in countries in transition. They run annual courses of seminars and conferences on topics such as European integration, democracy, human rights, the rule of law and globalization, with the participation of national and international experts. The topics of the program: „Strengthening Accountability of Women and Young Political Leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, “European Integrations and Harmonization with the EU Standards”, “ Public Dialogue for the Sustainable Use of Energy in SEE", “The Western Balkans: yesterday, today and tomorrow”.

2013 – 2014

European Union Visitors Programme (EUVP), EU institutionsBrussels, Strasbourg, EU

The European Union Visitors Program (EUVP) invites young, promising leaders from countries outside the European Union to visit Europe to gain a first-hand appreciation of the EU’s goals, policies and peoples and to increase mutual understanding between professionals from non-EU countries and their EU counterparts.

11-22 January 2015

Summer Seminar for Young Leaders of the Western Balkans, International Center for Democratic Transition (ICDT)Budapest, Hungary

The Seminar empower the young leaders of the Western Balkans by employing the case and experience of the Visegrad Group within the European Union. Consequently, we learn the significance of the European integration and regional cooperation initiatives, and their possible contribution to the development of the Western Balkans. During the Seminar we are meet important stakeholders, such as European politicians representing the V4, civil leaders, and people from the business sector. The topics of the program: EU integration, EU institutions and their role in the European integration, EU’s relationship with the Western Balkans, European Parliament’s role in the integration process, EU enlargement and the prospects of the Western Balkans and Regional cooperation in Europe.

14-20 July 2013

Professional Sales Training, EducaMixZagreb, Croatia

Training from the Center for Human Resource Development EducaMix. The topics of the Training: “Skill Development Training”, “Overcome objections and concluding the contracts”, “After sales activities and maintaining customer loyalty”.

2009 – 2010

Training for Cisco Certified Academy Instructor (CCAI), Center for Computer Education (CCED)Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Networking Academy instructors are encouraged to collaborate and share best practices as members of a global community of IT and networking professionals. Networking Academy also provides opportunities for instructors to assist in the development of new courses.

2006 – 2008


Europe 2014: „Closure and/or New Beginning?"

Belgrade Security Forum 2014, International ConferenceBelgrade, Serbia

The conference was host panel debates on various topics related to global and European security challenges: “Transatlantic Trends Report 2014”, “Between Mobilisation and Isolation: EU and Migration Trends”, “Multi-stakeholders, National and/or Regional Cooperation for Cyber-Security in the Western Balkans”, “EU Enlargement”, “Opening tne New Strategic Debate Between Transatlantic and Eurasian Agendas”, “Visegrad Experience for the Western Balkans: NGO Support for Key Reforms”, “Civilian Capacities for Peace Operations – Case of Western Balkans”, “Energy Security: Balancing Concerns, Managing Expectations”, “Is It Time For a New Balkans Commission”.

30 September - 02 October 2014

Harnessing young people’s potential for building a democratic future

1st International Alumni Seminar of the Council of Europe Schools of Political Studies, Council of Europe Strasbourg, France, EU

Panel „The marginalisation of today’s young generation:Is the pact between the generations broken?“

Speech on the topic: „Making youth concerns a top priority“

19-20 June 2014

Re-wiring Democracy: connecting institutions and citizens in the digital age

World Forum for Democracy, Council of Europe Strasbourg, France, EU

The World Forum for Democracy brings together reformers and global leaders to identify democratic responses to challenges which affect our societies today.

23-29 November 2013

The trust for Peace - Peace youth work in youth policy in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia

International Conference, Tuzla Bosnia and Herzegovina

Panel „Youth peace work in youth policy in the region“

Speech on the topic: „Problems of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, challenges and opportunities“

18 January 2013

The Role of Young Leaders in the Development Process of Interstate Cooperation

International Conference (Forum) Istanbul, Turkey

Panel „Future Perspectives and Young Leaders“

Speech on the topic: „Chance for Young leaders: Crisis as opportunity, not a disaster“

14–16 October 2012